What should I expect at PABC

Visiting a new place can be pretty un-nerving!  We totally understand.

You may have lots of questions and wonder what its going to be like.  So we want to give you a glimpse of

PABC family life.


Where do I go?

PABC has lots of doors and it can be confusing the first time you come.  But if you come about 9:45 and

would like to visit a Bible study class - then you would want to go to the North Building.  There will be lots of

folks having coffee and donuts who would love to welcome you in and can show you where to go!

If you want to visit a worship service then come about 10:50 and go to the double doors on the South

Building!  The doors face west and there is someone there to greet you and show you to our "Sanctuasium".

Yes you read that right.  Right now we meet in our Gym so we jokingly call it the sanctuasium.


What should I wear?

Thats a great question.  We know every church seems to be different.  We are pretty laid back about that.

Lots of folks will be in jeans.  Some will dress up a bit more.  The pastor usually doesn't wear a tie so you

know we are more casual.  Really we want anyone to come and feel comfortable.  No matter what you have to



How long will the service last?

Wow that is really up to what God does but we do our best to be finishing with worship by noon.  It would be

sad for the roast to burn!  The pastor believes your mind and heart can only take in what your bottom can



Is there child care?

Oh yeah!  During Bible study (9:45 - 10:45) there is a class for every age group including a great nursery and

classes for kids and for youth too!  During worship the nursery is available.  The older children sing with

everyone else and then they have their own Childen's church time!  Its a blast!


The best way to find out what PABC is like is to come and try it out.  The folks here are

very welcoming!  We want you to know that God loves you and accepts you just the way you are!